6 new Clubs formed till date (A new Record in History of District 301).

Heartiest Congratulations to our two very dear and respected Members,
PIIWBD & ESO Abha ji and PAP Kapila ji on their winning as International Inner Wheel Vice President and International Inner Wheel Treasurer.

15th Convention: Istanbul, Turkey, 17-21 April, 2012

International Inner Wheel - 15th Convention

The international governing body (executives officers and board directors) after studying all the 5 bids submitted earlier in the year ,voted during the meeting held in istanbul on april 17th 2012 in favor of Read more –›

Happier Futures Helping Children around the World Now

It was agreed during our first governing body meeting this year that the emphasis of the international social project will be changed to encompass a theme that all clubs, districts,and countries could use in their practical projects and fund raising, Read more –›








Date of District Events

  • 3rd May, 2012 Club Officers Institute
  • 10h July, 2012 District Assembly
  • 6th Aug, 2012 District Teej
  • 7th Aug, 2012 North Zone Seminar - Synergy
  • 8th Aug, 2012 District Joint Project
  • 15th Sept, 2012 District Inter City
  • 14th Dec, 2012 District Conference
  • 10th Jan, 2013 District ISO Meet
  • 1st-3rd Feb, 2013 Triennial Conference
  • 5th-6th Feb, 2013 International Innerwheel President Visit
  • 20th Mar, 2013 District Holi