Our Rich Heritage

District 301 had passed through interesting evolutionary stages to achieve its present status in the Society with its laborious and dedicated Members. Beginning, in the past, as District 310, its 13 Clubs covered far-flung areas stretching from Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh to Punjab and Haryana. As the Inner Wheel movement picked up momentum, its growth necessitated carving out District 309. While the parent District 310 had Mrs. Kanti Manohar at the helm of affairs, Mrs. Minna Kapur took charge of the newborn District 309.


The year 1985 saw another shake up in the tune with Rotary Districts. This, in turn, brought the present District 301 into existence with Mrs. Anita Agarwal as its Founder Chairman. District 301 today has 46 Clubs covering Delhi and neighbouring areas in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.


It can boast of giving two International Inner Wheel Presidents to the Inner Wheel movement in the persons of Mrs. Minna Kapur and Mrs. Anita Agarwal; International Inner Wheel Representative Mrs. Renu Mehra; two International Inner Wheel Board Directors Mrs. Abha Gupta and Mrs. Shashi Gupta; eight Association Presidents Mrs. Shubh Manchanda, Mrs. Minna Kapur, Mrs. Renu Mehra, Mrs. Anita Agarwal, Mrs. Abha Gupta, Mrs. Shashi Gupta, Dr. (Mrs.) Urmil Bareja, Dr. (Mrs.) Kapila Gupta five Association Secretaries Mrs. Renu Mehra, Mrs. Abha Gupta, Dr. Urmil Bareja, Dr. (Mrs.) Karuna Bhalla and Mrs. Amrita Bogra and six Association Treasurers Mrs. Shubh Manchanda, Mrs. Chanchal Bawa, Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Mrs. Chandra Garodia, Mrs. Maya Ratnam and Dr. (Mrs.) Kapila Gupta. We in District 301 are proud of our rich heritage.


Dist. 301