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It was agreed during our first governing body meeting this year that the emphasis of the international social project will be changed to encompass a theme that all clubs, districts,and countries could use in their practical projects and fund raising, rather than collecting money for a specific common charity as it was done before.

We can understand that some countries have other more important priorities than girl’s education in Bolivia, and considering the little amount of money raised these years comparing even with what was raised for Girl’s education in Madagascar, it is clear that we need to change the concept

We will work now under our own umbrella , each country will be able to choose it’s international social project but on a common theme : 

We prepare a logo and we were happy to be able to register it , it is


You can see on the right how we can integrate it with our logo in an IIW document


So now, please use it as often as possible , as an international Inner Wheel motto for your children projects

We will prepare for those who need it , the procedures for a PR campain and you will be able to launch it once your tri-annual project will be choosen or even if it is already working in some countries as, for exemple ,the fantastic project in Australia for « Cord blood research »

So this logo is now your property, and you have to use it as much as possible, the same all over the world, for all your future projects giving children a better life.