Dear Members,

Please accept my warm greetings and best wishes for the New Year 2012.

Brief Introduction

I, Seema Khaitan, was born on 19th October, 1965 in a traditional Marwari business family of Kolkata.  From my childhood, I had seen my parent serving the underprivileged and needy people in some way or the other.  This infused in me the sense of serving mankind.  Working for this section of the society became my passion.  I always felt sympathetic towards those who were bereft of the most basic necessities of life. Therefore, I took active part in social activities that were organized by my school and later, college. 

I am married to Mr. Suman Jyoti Khaitan, an eminent advocate and a member of many national and international Bar Associations with many landmark cases to his credit.  He is a Rotarian and belongs to a philanthropist family which helped me fulfill my dream of serving society.  It is with his constant support that I have joined the Inner Wheel and am now standing as District Chairman of District 301, which is a very prestigious District.


Our Proud Memories & People

District 301 boast of playing a great role in the Inner Wheel movement by providing two IIW Presidents – Mrs. Minna Kapur (1986-87) and Mrs. Anita Agarwal (993-94), IIW Representative Mrs. Renu Mehra, two IIW Board Directors – Mrs. Abha Gupta and Mrs. Shashi Gupta, eight Association Presidents, five Association Secretaries  and six Association Treasurers. 


My Journey in Inner Wheel

When I first joined the Inner Wheel in the year 2001 as an active Member, I did not know much about the Inner Wheel Movement. Taking keen interest and active participation in its day-to-day affairs, I realized that through this movement I would fulfill my desire to serve the society in an effective way.

My real innings with Inner Wheel started when I was inducted as the Executive Member in the year 2002-03.  Looking at my potential I was elected as the Club Secretary in the year 2004-05.  I did many projects and my tenure as Club Secretary won many awards and appreciation which included the Best Secretary Award.  In the year 2005-06, I saw myself at the post of Club President.  This year being a Pearl Jubilee Year, expectations from me went higher and I must say here that with the blessings of my seniors and the support of my Club Executive and my Inner Wheel family I came off with flying colours and my work and my achievements were appreciated by all.  This year I won many prizes, appreciation, special awards and the coveted prize of the “Best Club Award” and the “Best President”.  This prize was given to me for the various new projects undertaken by me and also for completing old projects sincerely.  My Presidential Year saw my Club winning Membership Growth Award and Promptness, Dedication and Devotion Award. 

In the year 2006, I headed the Health Sub-Committee of District 301 and achieved the desired results. 

Looking at my performance at the Club level, my Club decided to send me at the District level to give the District a valuable and useful hand.  My candidature as District Editor was accepted in the year 2007-08.  My innings in the District as District Editor was an eye-opener for me. This was a big experience for me as I had to achieve the benchmark and the faith which my Club had put on me.  I must say that I did not prove them wrong and in the year 2008-09, I was elected as the District ISO. Again with the blessings and support of my seniors and my colleagues, I stood high as District ISO and in the year 2009-10, I was elected as District Treasurer, which was an important assignment given to me.  My work as District Treasurer was highly commended and praised.

By this time my appetite to work for the human cause increased and looking at my past rich experience and sincere work I was elected as District Secretary in the year 2009-10.  This was the most important post held in my entire Inner Wheel career. I had to stood the test of the ground and prove to myself and my Inner Wheel family which had shown so much trust in me.  But by the grace of God I performed my duties very diligently and my qualities as District Executive were highly valued and respected.  Because I got the right platform I was able to do some good work like Jaipur Foot Project and many such projects.

After a very successful spell as District Secretary, I became the District Vice-Chairman in the year 2011-12.

In the coming year 2012-3, I would be serving as District Chairman, which itself contains lots of responsibilities and duties.  I am sure that as my Inner Wheel family, my District and my Club has supported me, I will once again come out with flying colours and prove to be among the Best PDCs.

Once again, thank you for your blessings and support.


Seema Khaitan

District Chairman (Elect) 2012-13