Message from District Chairman

Dear Friends,


I feel greatly honored and pleased to welcome you all and extend my heartiest gratitude in reposing faith in me to lead this prestigious Inner Wheel District 301 as District Chairman.


Friends, we all are the part of the Organisation which not only render its services to bring smile on the face of the downtrodden people of society by its human services but also gives each one of us to develop and uplift our own personality. Inner Wheel is not an 'organisation' but it is a great 'movement' which is spread all over the world bringing the feelings of trust, understanding, friendship, fraternity and fellowship among various people. Thus, the world is coming closer and a sense of 'VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM - The Whole WORLD is my HOME' is being developed. The world is suffering from varied problems like poverty, illiteracy, starvation, pollution, global warming etc. Though we cannot eradicate these problem but we can do something to minimize them and try to assuage troubles of needy mankind to some extent.


‘Man is the product of his thoughts' is truly said. The International Inner Wheel Theme of the year 'BE A FRIEND' gives us a lot of inspiration. Our positive thinking and aiming high can definitely bring desirable changes which we want. The aim of Inner Wheel 'whenever and wherever the need for the services arise' can only be fulfilled if we have a positive thinking and attitude.


Friends, we are fortunate that we have been blessed with all kinds of amenities and facilities of life by Almighty. It becomes our sincere duty to pay our thanks to Him by doing something for those who are bereft of even the bare necessities of life. A large section of our society is suffering from poverty, diseases, superstitions, illiteracy etc and look towards those who are blessed with all amenities. They are just like heavenly figures for them. Giving out a little from outside is like a drop of water carried away by a sparrow. The heavenly pleasure and satisfaction we get from this act of our kindness and compassion cannot be expressed in words.


A poet has rightly said-
A bull bellows loudest, but it is the cow that gives milk,
A butterfly is beautiful, but it is the worm that spins the silk,
A rooster does a crowing, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.


So, during my tenure, my emphasis will be to make more and more such productive and thought provoking programme of social work which will bring smile on the face of needy people. I also urge upon you to involve yourselves and your Club to organise such activities which lessens the troubles and suffering of needy people and also develop your own personality as a whole.


Once again I pay my sincere thanks to all of you for the trust you have shown towards me. I assure you to do my best to fulfill my duty honestly and to the best of my abilities. I also pay my gratitude to all my seniors for their guidance, blessings and love showered upon me.


In the end, I humbly bow my head in the feet of Almighty who has given me enough strength to discharge my duties till now and also seek His blessings for the success of new responsibilities as future programmes. I always pray -


Give me oil in my lamp to keep it burning,
Give me oil in my lamp to keep it burning till the break of the day.


Because -
I have miles to go before I sleep
Miles to go before I sleep....!


God Bless you all,