15th Convention

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President Catherine Closing Ceremony Speech

Dear friends

It is the end of a very successful Convention, I am sure that you all agree to it….
The Proposal 17, The General Motion, A many different Proposals & Resolutions were carried.
It is the start, I hope of the « Renaissance » of IIW in some of our main countries
Now we need to work hard to rediscover the good years of our expansion during the last decades.
Now we need to reach and strenghten our leadership of women’s service clubs, dedicated to the good of others
Now is the time to ensure that IIW overcomes its difficulties so that it is crowned with sucess
The time for procrastination, for talking is over

Now is the time to galvanize all clubs to move forward.
We have no other choice
The way forward is clearly marked, we must follow it without hesitation and succeed in meeting our challenge of being a model for service clubs throughout the world
Now we need to built on good fellowship, and we need to champion humanity
Thank you my dearest friends for achieving our convention goals, We know where we want to go
Now we have to build a bridge towards the future with the hope that we understood during this convention , some of the important messages connected to a conscious development of our Association
We know what are the steps which will ensure the further growth of IIW
I wish you all a safe trip back, enjoy visiting this wonderful country
Be the messengers in your clubs of all the positive decisions with have taken during these 3 days
The battle is only starting, now you have to dedicate all your capacities and knowledge to the building of a prestigious image for IIW worldwide.


Thank you
Techekur ederim to all our turkish friends who did an outstanding job
Catherine Refabert